My Spanish Garden

I was away last week in Mallorca, and for that time the hotel grounds became my garden. There was no work involved, no weeding, planting, pruning or propagating. I simply spent a little while noticing little things.
Here are some of the beautiful plants at Hotel Playa Mar in Formentor near the north westerly tip of the island.
Lady in white

I nearly got myself into a spot of bother with this lovely shot, because just as I was taking it, I noticed a lady in the background staring at the camera! I’m sure she thought I was a bit dodgy.

I’ll be looking forward to getting back to my garden patch for some serious autumn tidying. Update coming soon.

Finally, I’m thinking it might be nice to include a quote about gardens & gardening.

“Sometimes since I’ve been in the garden I’ve looked up through the trees at the sky and I have had a strange feeling of being happy as if something was pushing and drawing in my chest and making me breathe fast. Magic is always pushing and drawing and making things out of nothing. Everything is made out of magic, leaves and trees, flowers and birds, badgers and foxes and squirrels and people. So it must be all around us. In this garden – in all the places.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

And finally, I’ve selected the following as my “tagline”. It will appear at the end of each post, until such time as I want to change it:

“I am intrigued by writers who garden and gardeners who write. The pen and the trowel are not interchangeable, but seem often linked.” ― Marta McDowell


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