Year: 2017


Ready Steady Grow

15th February 2017. The last time I turned on the old propagator was way back in nineteen ninety something. Donald J Trump, now the Oval

Cheering Up My Monday #5

16th January 2017. It’s Monday again, so time for some cheering up. The good thing is that I’m easily cheered up. It only takes one

Across The Broad Atlantic

I’m very chuffed to be chosen by #usgardentags. My Irish Brussels Sprouts recipe is roaming widely across the Atlantic! More to follow…

Cheering Up My Monday #4

10th January 2017 Already there has been a short stretch in the length of the day. It may not be noticeable yet, but I’ve tracked

January You Are Welcome

I missed out on my semi-regular “Cheering up My Monday” feature yesterday. I had a lot on, so the camera didn’t appear until mid-morning today,