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Year: 2018


Cheering Up My Monday

It’s New Year’s Eve, a very special day on the annual calendar. It’s very special for me also, as I recorded a real gem in

Another Short Days Challenge

I am moving steadily towards the Winter Solstice, and so too is my garden. Here in Dungarvan, it will happen on Friday at 10:22pm. I

Short Days Challenge

This week I focus on a challenge I joined lately. It’s called Short Days Challenge. I briefly introduced it just last week. The idea is

Short Days Challenge

Continuing #shortdayschallenge as I briefly log winter here in Waterford, Ireland. Time to focus on the little things. Today’s winter garden: I had a very

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: that’s eight words. Salvia Hot Lips

Short Days Challenge

I start a new blog theme today. It is called the Short Days Challenge. The idea is to post one small thing as often as

Tuesday’s Three Things

I took a short stroll around the dying garden yesterday before breakfast. This is something I like to do regularly and I bring a small

The Conservatory View

I have been working on another winter patio area of interest beneath the bare acer. It’s directly outside the conservatory door and looks good, I

Then There Were Twelve

Ivy propagation, round 2. Years ago I gave up on planting ivy on our garden boundary walls because it became unmanageable. But a few ivy

Rooting for Ivy

Reading time: 1 minute. Request for your help: could take 1 minute, or longer if you choose. I finally got time to take ivy cuttings.

Monday Mindful Meditation

#1 Monday Meditation. Reading time: 2-10 mins. This is the first of an idea that fleetingly passed through my mind recently. I hope to revisit

Rhubarb And Trexit

Reading time 5-7 minutes. Video: 20 seconds. Part One My wife, Marion, grows rhubarb. For the past number of years she has had a good

Winter Pansies And Dunking Chocolate

Reading time: 6-8 mins.Winter officially starts tomorrow, November 1st. The clocks went back an hour last weekend, and daylight time in the garden is reduced. Yesterday,

Throwback Thursday

Here’s a fleeting look back to earlier this year. Geranium Rozanne Cactus of some sort Arunia Saxatalis Gold Dust (click for further info) Beauty Berry.

The Art Of Gardening At Number 15.

22nd October 2018. It all started when I was young. My mam had a small town front garden. It was just 20 feet wide by