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Cheering Up My Mondays #6

27th August 2018.

It has been a stunning summer in Ireland, the best since 1976 I’m told. We Irish are generally unused to dining al fresco, yet I have eaten breakfast at one of the two sitting spots most mornings since early June, and dinner too. Of course, the garden is not just for eating! I have sat contentedly overlooking the splendour of my labours, and spent time planning plans in my head for next year. However, it’s important to seize the diem and to enjoy the wonderful weather just as it is right now. During the very very wet winter (which lasted right through to the middle of May!), I had scattered rose feed on the gravel, and repeated the dusty dose again in April. The rain washed all the nutrients down in its own time, and the results have been remarkable. More buds, bigger blooms, healthier plants. I am very pleased with my work!

The loveliest of the five is Rosa Just Joey. The strong fragrance of this rose reaches the kitchen, 15 metres away, whenever there is a gentle breeze. It is called “Just Joey”, and the full details of the plant are available on my Shoot Gardening page

Rosa Just Joey

Now that I look at this photograph, it strikes me that I very likely will take more very soon, and get in even closer. It might be good to add the new ones to this post soon.

Ah that’s better! Rosa Just Joey

Recent headlines from my garden:

  • Thousands of tomatoes already eaten and frozen
  • Dahlias are magic
  • The 50 gladioli were beautiful but short-lived
  • My current favourite plant is Begonia. (many varieties)
  • Onions are stored
  • The late-evening suntrap area has got great use this year
  • I was able to bypass the hosepipe ban very effectively
Deep in a good book, surrounded by colour
About the author: Pádraig is the author of GrowWriteRepeat. He has a previous history of garden writing back in 2017, and now he is back smelling the roses once again. Unconnected with this, he has nicknamed his bicycle “Gilhaney”, but that’s a story for another day.

One thought on “Cheering Up My Mondays #6”

  1. Oh! The garden hose I laughed at that one, our back lodge (next to a very small kitchen) flooded every time even with the string on. I loved my grandfathers and uncles plots (allotment) the veg standing so tall with rows of chrysanthemums and dahlias for cutting and local shows. My plants are not local show specimens but we still eat them and delight at the colours of flowers. Thank you for bringing the memories back ������

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