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Month: November 2018


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: that’s eight words. Salvia Hot Lips

Short Days Challenge

I start a new blog theme today. It is called the Short Days Challenge. The idea is to post one small thing as often as

Tuesday’s Three Things

I took a short stroll around the dying garden yesterday before breakfast. This is something I like to do regularly and I bring a small

The Conservatory View

I have been working on another winter patio area of interest beneath the bare acer. It’s directly outside the conservatory door and looks good, I

Then There Were Twelve

Ivy propagation, round 2. Years ago I gave up on planting ivy on our garden boundary walls because it became unmanageable. But a few ivy

Rooting for Ivy

Reading time: 1 minute. Request for your help: could take 1 minute, or longer if you choose. I finally got time to take ivy cuttings.

Monday Mindful Meditation

#1 Monday Meditation. Reading time: 2-10 mins. This is the first of an idea that fleetingly passed through my mind recently. I hope to revisit

Rhubarb And Trexit

Reading time 5-7 minutes. Part One My wife grows rhubarb. For the past number of years she has had a good harvest from one plant