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Monday Mindful Meditation

#1 Monday Meditation. Reading time: 2-10 mins.

This is the first of an idea that fleetingly passed through my mind recently. I hope to revisit this Monday Meditation theme from time to time… on Monday’s of course!

Study the photograph closely. Take your time and begin to notice the details such as:

  • colours, light and shade
  • mist/rain. I wonder what time of day was the photograph taken?
  • clutter. Sometimes interesting, sometimes with negative vibes?
  • life and end of life. This small space is the entire universe for this plant.
  • immigrant strangers “invading”. There’s a rogue flower in top right corner
  • what lies beneath or within? Friend or foe? Home or hidden trap?
Nandina domestica Firepower (Heavenly Bamboo)

Now, return to the list above and select one item of your choice. Focus on this for as much as two or three minutes. What thoughts come to you? If you feel comfortable, share these thoughts in the comments for others. Are there other themes that came to mind? See can you come up with three. For example, on a very serious level (that’s what mindful meditation is about) describe the following moral dilemmas in relation to the photograph:

  • #metoo 
  • Bodily Brexit: a terminally sick person whats to leave
  • Discrimination based on skin colour

Pádraig is the author of Petals by Paraig. He loves clutter, rogue flowers and the macro-universe. He also likes occasional meditation and Mondays, but not earwigs hiding in the long grass.

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