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Rooting for Ivy

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I finally got time to take ivy cuttings. Perhaps it’s too late in the year. Anyways, 6 pots with 3 cuttings in each, using rooting powder to help them take root. That’s why it’s called rooting powder! Then, purely for my own information, I decided to keep 3 pots in the glasshouse and 3 in a sheltered corner outside. Has anyone experience of where is best?

One ivy will become 18, hopefully

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Páraig is the author of Petals by Paraig. He loves propagating plants, increasing the odds of success and saving some money. He also loves ivy in pots,  very sparing use of chemicals, but does not like taking photographs from above.

2 thoughts on “Rooting for Ivy”

  1. Oh, Padraig, I'm not here to offer any help. Just want to wish you all the best with the rooting of the cuttings! Do keep us updated of the results!

  2. I surely will, a chara Jade. There's a plan to post update sometime in February/March. Today, I'm hoping to get stuck in doing similar with Geranium cuttings. With these, I know they will need to remain indoors.

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