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Short Days Challenge

Continuing #shortdayschallenge as I briefly log winter here in Waterford, Ireland. Time to focus on the little things.

Today’s winter garden: I had a very tasty crop of tomatoes all summer long. In fact, between indoor and outdoor, the season stretched right through to the end of October. Having cleared the plants from the glasshouse to make room for incoming geraniums, begonias and lots of plant cuttings, I am now ready for winter. Curiously though, I notice that there are plenty tomato seedlings already sprouted! This saves me time and money. I will not need to buy tomato plants, as I know these ones will do well. They are from Tomato Moneymaker, and very tasty they will be!

Tomato Moneymaker babies with cigarette butt

Páraig (also known as Pat) is the author of Petals by Paraig. He loves tomatoes, begonias and winter. He also likes growing from seeds and Moneymaker ideas, but not cigarette butts among the seedlings in the glasshouse.

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  1. Yes Jade. I had put in a mixture of peat, gravel and sand last spring, mainly to stop weeds growing under the tomatoes. Glad I did, because now it's perfect balance for the tomato seeds!

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