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Month: January 2019


That Polar Vortex

Thursday, January 31st: More severe weather today. This Arctic air is fair cold. It is not nearly as cold as the Polar Vortex that has

Flurry of Snow

Hard frost. Light flurry of snow lodged overnight. Thawing rapidly at midday. The seeds inside are cozy. This is my favourite from about twenty taken

Snow Showers

Tuesday, 29th January: The sleet and snow is on the way at last. Several thousand flies, moths and other insects died in Abbeyside last night.

Wife Knows Best

Monday, 28th January: Another shot of one of my favourite January plants. It’s Helleborus, otherwise known as Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose. There are three

Mad Hatter And The Lunar Eclipse

It was a cold week but not as cold as was predicted. In the garden, I finally got around to putting a fleece layer in

When Is a Weed Not A Weed?

The weather has turned a bit colder, yet not quite cold enough to hurt. I recorded no frost night this week, and the plants in

When is a Geranium not a Geranium?

The past week has been very mild, very calm and very dry. It was a great week for cycling and for enjoying the garden. Unfortunately,

Four Day Week

There are only four days this week. You may be shocked to read that in plain text. I have decided, to realign my blog with

Alexa and Maggie

Christmas was very good. Turkey was moist on the 25th, but by 28th it lacked a certain flavour. Mrs. Brown and her Boys lit up