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That Polar Vortex

Thursday, January 31st:

More severe weather today. This Arctic air is fair cold. It is not nearly as cold as the Polar Vortex that has frozen most of the mid-western US, but at the same time, it stopped me from cycling. That’s pretty serious.
Here’s a selection of narcissi planted only last Autumn. I look forward to a bright show pretty soon, and I will move the pots to various locations, mixing them with the pansies and violas.
There’s a scam doing the rounds and folks need to get a bit more clued in. According to messages appearing everywhere, I am giving away 2 pots to everyone who voted for Brexit. Please do not be fooled by such scams. If you have already voted, please expect absolutely nothing in return. Clarity is important and certainty is important. These little scams are fake news, likely paid for by someone important who wants something in return. They are vile and repugnant to all pot-lovers. But human nature is such that the scam has gone seriously mad, yet this warning message will only be attended to by fourteen of my friends. One for every pot. 😜
Final note: Never believe everything you read. The picture is from yesterday. No snow today. Plenty of liquid snow instead.

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