Garden writing lifts me up.

Alpine Phlox

When I started doing a short daily update four months ago, my brother said that it would be hard to find something to write about for the winter. I had similar thoughts too.
Anyway, I decided to stick with it, and as the weeks went by I realised I had not missed a day. It felt a bit like the award given at the end of the primary-school year: no missed days. At no stage did I find it difficult to keep it going, because there’s plenty to see in the garden, even in winter. Because there is no growth and very little colour does not mean that there’s no life. Plants are hibernating and staying protected from the cold, and when conditions become favourable they are like a little dog let off a leash.

This little thing is Phlox subulata. It is very insignificant during the summer because it is very small, perhaps a mere 10cm across. It gets dwarfed by the strong growth of larger plants. The variety is ‘McDaniel’s Cushion’. After I took some photos and this video, I looked it up again on my ShootGardening page. I am reminded to take softwood cuttings from April to July. I will be looking forward to having six of these next year.

Final thought: We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it is our garden that is nurturing us. ~Jenny Uglow

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