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Cozy in the Glasshouse

Cold on the bikes at 9am today, as we headed on to Clashmore and Youghal Bridge. The wind picked up and we dodged all the showers bar one. When I arrived home I realised that I had forgotten to open the glasshouse and when I did so I noticed that it was warm inside. The thermometer read 21.3 Celsius. That’s just above 70F. So cozy there that I was tempted to sit for a short while with a cup of coffee. Not this time, as the bike needed to be hosed down and washed after bringing home lots of mucky mud once again.
The young seedlings in the glasshouse will put on a growth spurt on days like today. There’s been clear blue sky since before midday and the strong sunshine is exactly what they need. Come to think about it, I’d be happy too! With that in mind, I grabbed the opportunity while it lasted and lounge happily for a while to absorb some vitamin D.

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