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Gift of an Apple Tree

I was given an apple tree back in 2012 (approx). I had loaned my spare bike to a student. She cycled regularly with our club while studying for her exams. As she headed away to college the following September she returned the bike and with it a columnar apple tree. She knew of my interest in gardening. What a most thoughtful gift! It has blossomed every year since then. The apples are tiny and we leave them for the birds. Last year the buds opened very late in March after the Beast departed. This year, they are very early. Very early indeed. Likely they will get a cold blast of Arctic weather before winter is finally over, but for the moment I am enjoying new growth once again.
I had pruned the tree last month as it had started to encroach on the Acer beside it. A light pruning was all that was needed.

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