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Three Things

Ajuga Black Scallop

It’s another beautiful day here in Dungarvan. It is mild and dry with just a blustery wind to move things about. Things like air and rotary clotheslines.
Today was an opportunity for me to return to my Three Things practice. Usually done before breakfast, I spend a few minutes with notebook and pen to jot down things I like and things that need doing.

  1. Ajuga Black Scallop is looking great. The dark maroon is very distinctive and it is just so shiny! It loves a semi-shaded spot and it spreads quickly to suppress weeds. Now is a good time to divide it in order to spread it further so I’m adding that to my list of jobs.
  2. The wallflower is about to bloom, and when it does it won’t be just a few flowers. There are plenty on this one. The scent will be good too.
  3. I have mentioned the Skimmia japonica Temptation several times in recent months. It continues to sparkle. The berries are dangerously red, and now the flowers are on the way. I’m certainly happy that I chose this for the patio area.

As always (except yesterday), there are jobs to be done. I’ll get cracking on the Ajuga plants very soon and I will be able to get sufficient plants to cover a square metre gap between two Fuchsia shrubs. The shed needs another tidy-up and the front driveway needs to be powerwashed.
It’s great to notice these jobs, but they don’t get done immediately. I’ve got a long finger and these tasks get put there. Never fear, though! Everything happens in its own good time.
If you have a job that’s been on the long finger, leave it there until Friday. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and all thoughts of such things need to play second fiddle to this very important day.

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