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Six on Saturday – Why Stand If You Can Sit?

6th June 2020.

Being my first Six on Saturday effort, my homework for the past few days consisted of making myself familiar with some scattered guidelines offered (not prescribed) by The Propagator. I did realise there’s a possibility of me making a dog’s dinner of it, in which case I will rely the very best of all homework excuses offered to me during my 35 years as a teacher. Furthermore and fittingly, I will redeem myself by promising to do better next week. Always works!

I discovered only last week that Six on Saturday is a thing. There’s even a #hashtag. There’s some lingo to be learned. I mean, whatever will my sister think when she hears that I am SOSing? Ar eagla na h-eagla (Irish phrase: Just to be on the safe side…) I’ve brought the subject up with my wife, who says that SOSing is ok.

Will it be every week?, she wanted to know.

All depends, I say.

I think you’ll like this SOsing thing. In fact, you’ll be a grand SOSer, says she.

A garden needs somewhere to sit, relax, read, plan, think and snooze. Here’s my six this week:

1. I start my day at the Breakfast Seat during warm weather spells, and scan the garden. Scanning can be done while eating boiled egg and toast.

Boiled egg. Which are you? One or two?

2. I got the Bockety Supervalu Seat using coupons at grocery store in 2002. It is now unsafe to take heavy loads, but I will not discard it.

3. The Long Chairs are my favourite. They are comfortable and in a suntrap, although this can be a dangerous combination. As you will notice, they are matching black.

4. The Winter Seat is in the glasshouse. It has been demoted from the suntrap because one leg is shorter. Ideal for a frosty morning, reading the paper or kindle. No boiled eggs here.

The Ugly Wall Behind : By spending time sitting in winter, I can plan a project.

5. There’s a raised area that cannot be seen from the house. Here, the Secret Seats are best for late evening sun. Excellent also for Summer dinner together. Apart from this, I go there to escape hoovering. These Secret Seats are a match with number 3 above. They can be moved towards the house when friends arrive for Socially Distanced coffee (SDC). In such a situation, they lose Secret Seats status.

Hoovering-free zone

6. In order to complete this Six on Saturday, we purchased the brand new 2020 Shiny Black Seat. They are a good match with the two Long Chairs, but incredibly more shiny. The good lady who wants the hoovering done intends to make soft cushions, so I may have to pull my weight.

That’s it for this week, friends. Have a good one, and if in any doubt, why stand if you can sit?


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About the author: Pádraig is the author of Grow Write Repeat. He photographs and writes about his garden in Ireland. He loves garden seats, Instagram and this Six On Saturday thingy. He also likes breakfast outside, but not at the bockety old Supervalu Seat.

27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Why Stand If You Can Sit?”

    1. Many thanks, a chara. I think I’m going to enjoy this SOSing. You can relax, however, next week will be just plain ordinary sliced bread variety. Have a good week.

  1. Love it, it is brilliant! You have got the hang of this just fine. I smiled all the way through. I especially love the seat in the greenhouse with one short leg. I felt slightly sorry for it, then felt better when I realised it had found its place in life. Same time next week? Have a good one 🙂

    1. Thank you, a chara. Yes, that wobbly chair serves its purpose! Hoovering is beginning, so it’s time for coffee at the other one.
      Onwards to next week…

  2. Thank you for the tour around your lovely garden. Is there a tale to tell about why the chair has one leg shorter than the others? I do like the old bench – what do you consider is the safe maximum weight?

    1. Thank you so very much, a chara. Perhaps I’ll post in detail about the short leg! Safe maximum weight? Being absolutely smart about it… 10kg less than mine. Keep on writing from your Welsh hilltop… I’m loving it! (I’m swamped here with this whole #sixonsaturday thing)

  3. A seat for every purpose! The best part of the garden. What a tease about the plants, just giving a glimpse. Looks like there’s a marvellous acer behind the ancient Supervalu bench, & what a gorgeous clematis near the secret seats! Here’s hoping you get addicted to us!

    1. Go raimh maith agat, a chara. I’ll be sure also to catch up with your weekly Six, from wherever you happen to be. Have a good week.

  4. I love the garden scenes! Keep them coming! I love the garden bench that can’t be used, it still looks lovely. Boiled eggs? I don’t like them anymore, I like my yolks hard. I don’t know when that changed, or why, I used to have them as a child with “toast fingers,” which I believe are called “soldiers” in some places?
    It’s so nice to have breakfast in the garden though. I take a walk before doing anything else, to see what happened during the night while I was away. It’s amazing just how much plants do in the dark!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Yes I can remember having “soldiers”. Very much to my liking!
      You’re right about an early walk. Sort of like: Good morning garden. How are you today?
      One step further, practiced by a friend, is to make a meditation of it… Thank you, dear acer. I’m grateful to see you today…

    1. Thank you very much, Helen. That’s the important bit. Sit and relax! Today I spent sitting at the laptop, reading some SOS articles and figuring out a way to get some gardening done. Twas too windy here so that’s my excuse.

  5. I’ve enjoyed your first Six post – you have an entertaining style of writing. Also enjoyed the little glimpse into your garden, complete with various seating areas, and I’ll look forward to your next!

    1. Many thanks, Catherine. Indeed, I’ll be happy to head over to read yours too. A little glimpse? More to be revealed next week, all going well.

  6. Hi, welcome to SoS. 🙂 I am curious what you are going to do with your Bockety Supervalu Seat 🙂 Have you thought about painting it and grow a plant up it? I am terrible – I can never throw anything away. I also have seets all around my garden that catches the sun/shade at different times of the day. Your garden looks wonderful!

    1. Isn’t it great to have seats everywhere? I like sitting in sun but more often I seek the shaded spot. Curiosity is a wonderful virtue, and I’ll keep you updated about future plans for the BSS. Thank you for your kind comment.

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