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Hosepipe Ban

It was inevitable, really. Following very wet weather back in January and February, we haven’t had much rain since. April was dry, May was the driest on record, and the garden is very thirsty.

To the best of my poor memory, this is the earliest hosepipe ban. We’ve had a few down through the years but it’s normally in late July or August. The extent of the drought is evidenced by the fact that this ban will be in effect for six weeks.

I am reminded of my article about torrential rain way back in 2016. Memory not so poor after all!

So, along with Covid lockdown (thankfully being eased this week), I will need to fill buckets, barrels and butt’s before tomorrow. Partially defeats the purpose of the ban, but at least it will not be wasted watering a lawn. In the meantime, I’ll live in the present and enjoy today.

I’m off on my bike shortly. A great bonus in this beautiful weather.

Pádraig, 8th June, 2020.

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  1. I an sooooooooo sick of all the bans! We’ve had extremely hot weather already here, for June! I need a walk! PS Where do I find translations for the sentences you write me in Irish? Ha ha! Lovely!

    1. An Foclóir may help you along, a chara. Ar eagla na h-eagla, I include the link for you.
      However, it may be a bit too literal. For example, “A chara” is a bit like the Australian “Howdy mate…” Perhaps I will include a phrase or two regularly as your “obair bhaile”?

  2. I wonder why they don’t build more resevoirs in the UK. I am 65 years old and i can still remember when I was a child the threat of standpipes in the street. Fingers crossed you get rain soon. We collect as much rain water as we can and try to conserve water etc. I pray for rain as we are on redalert for wildfires in Portugal. Last year there was one very close to where we live as the vegetation was so dry. 😦

    1. UK reservoir would not work for me! I’d need it to be in Ireland.
      I do hope you get the rain that’s needed. I’m sure that wildfires must be a very real worry for you.

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