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Just Three Things

Most mornings I take a very short stroll down the garden while my boiled egg is boiling and my toast is toasting.

Three things from the garden this morning:

1. I do not have many strawberries, but the few that I have are very tasty. They are now well protected. I like to savour one or two most days.

2. The garden really did need a drop of rain. The weather here has been very dry for many weeks and there is a six-week hosepipe ban in effect. The rain arrived overnight, together with accompanying thunder & lightning. The image below is Sorbus aucuparia Rafina.

3. We bought this for the dogs. We thought they might like it, but it is not nearly as interesting as other things, such as the cat on the wall or the blackbird. However, I am leaving it where it landed. It reminds me of cancelled sporting events that are in lockdown limbo.

Three jobs that need doing (soon):

  • Continue the BEP bindweed eradication programme. Now in my third week, I am determined to defeat this nasty undercover agent.
  • Watch to see when seed pod is ripe on the Acer Red Flamingo. I’d like to attempt growing a replica, knowing full well that I will be quite old by the time it grows tall.
  • Get the latest garden plant safely into the ground. I bought a lovely Carex oshimensis Everest.

And finally

My November 2018 article about Acer Red Flamingo is one of my FAVOURITES. Well worth a click, even if I say so myself. Plenty there: funny story, the tree & its symbolism, American mid-term elections and some of my thoughts about The Trump.

Have a good week,


Sunday, 14th June, 2020.

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  1. I shall never taste a strawberry from my garden because I do not have netting but I do have chipmunks and robins.
    My summer water use is self regulated because I don’t want the well to go dry and leave me stranded, in the middle of the night, with an empty toilet tank.
    Perhaps we should consider adopting another dog, one that chases chipmunks.

    I really love three things.

    1. Have you a shortlist of three tasks to be completed, Chris? Just three…
      It’s been a long while since my last Three Things update. I like it because it gives me an interesting structure to write a short article.
      I take it that chipmunks would be partial to a good strawberry?

      1. Chipmunks this year, instead of foraging in the woods and fields around us like they should, have developed a taste for bulbs and anything that looks like it might be a bulbs…large Clematis buds, green strawberries, snowdrop seed heads…..

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