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No Tiles Were Damaged

Friday, 31st July 2020.

My intention to link what’s happening in my garden to everyday life brings me to record my trip to the hospital in Cork yesterday. Suffice it to say that all is well. No kitchen tiles were damaged in the fall, the staff here are good, food is good and I’ll be cycling heading home shortly.

I’ve been very comforted by the fact that I’ve had to confirm my identity and date of birth upwards of a dozen times. Purely from a health & safety viewpoint, they want to be sure they send the right person home!

Readers will understand that the photo above is not current. I will be looking forward to tasting some delicious tomatoes very soon.

With time on my hands, my desire to find a positive slant to a negative event brings me back to my colouring app. I can’t go weeding, planting or gardening of any kind until tomorrow, but I pass away a few hours reading, writing this and also using my HappyColor. It’s called happy for a reason! I found an interesting flower.

Pádraig, (Room 31)

0 thoughts on “No Tiles Were Damaged”

    1. Yes, I know what you mean! I hit my head off the kitchen floor, Gill. I know nothing about it, but apparently all is OK. I’m patiently waiting on go-ahead to clear off home!

    1. Thank you, a chara. My wife is going on about my returning attempts at wit, so she’s pleased.
      Truthfully, I’m grateful to be back reading gardening stories once again this Saturday morning.

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