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Six on Saturday – Guinness, Whiskey, Steak & Onions

The ugly wall was built badly by my great neighbour and his friend. Lots of Guinness and whiskey went into the building of it.

There was birthday cake on Monday as I celebrated the beginning of my sixty-third trip around the sun. Steak and onions too, with a glass of red wine. The celebrations continued unexpectedly for most of the week, as I met up with friends for coffee (and cake), and had lunch and dinner out with family on Wednesday and Friday. Prior to all this I had been just skin and bone, and now there’s a bit of flesh on me! I’m told it suits me. Unfortunately, there was little time to think about my six this week, and so it is somewhat factual without the added extra bits. Anseo, mo chuid Sé ar an Satharn:

Ground Ivy is a handy hardy annual for a tub of summer colour, as the plant is primarily a variegated leafy one. I bought a few in 2018 and this year’s plants are their descendents. I will simply leave these in place over winter and get literally dozens again next year. They root freely and give a balanced look to several areas of annual colour.

Persicaria is a wonderful ground-cover plant that looks very uninteresting until the flowers emerge. I’ve got them tucked away under several of the shrubs on Joe’s raised bed, and it peeks through to surprise me. A native Himalayan plant, it is sometimes known as mountain fleece, smartweed or knotweed but not the dodgy dangerous one.

I was given this Astilbe as a gift last year, and it is nestled between two larger shrubs. I was unsure if it was in a suitable place, so rather than plant it, I left it in its pot just in case it would need to be moved elsewhere. Apart from having to drown it twice during the drought in May and early June, it is definitely happy where it is.

Lobelia cardinalis is one of my top ten plants. It will flower very shortly, and as soon as it does, you’ll know all about it! Once again, these remain in pots rather than in the ground. In that way I can move them wherever I want and move them away when they no longer look great. I have three, and they will be very suitable for dividing in early spring. Next year there will likely be nine, and at that point I will plant some in a pernanent position.

I rarely take photographs of the Agapanthus, and I know why. It just doesn’t present itself well for the camera. Indeed it is a beautiful plant to look at and is a definite addition to the rockery. It will remain in flower for a long period, and in addition to that, I leave the dead spikes in place through the winter. Perhaps that will be worth photographing.

This clinging Hydrangea was bought in an attempt to hide the ugly wall, which was built badly by my great neighbour and his friend. Lots of Guinness and whiskey went into the building of this ugly wall, so we decided to attach a wooden camouflage recently. The hydrangea doesn’t mind whether it clings to an ugly wall or a wooden fence attached to an ugly wall. In 2022 this will be a magnificent backdrop to the area, and in the meantime I will take some cuttings to multiply the stock.

That’s my lot for this week. I do hope you have a great week ahead, whether there be gardening or not. If you’ve a mind to, pop over to Mr. Propagator to read about many more gardeners writing their Six on Saturday. There may even be one or two who celebrated a birthday this week with cake, steak & onions.

Eating cáca milis and extending a birthday beyond a one-day event is very rewarding. I’m reminded that if weddings are becoming three-day events, why not go all out when one reaches the age of sixty-two? I did manage to write my daily garden challenge this week, which cut into my time. I’m glad I did so, though. Overall, it has been a very very good week. Here’s to more next week, but without the cake!

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Saturday, 18th July  2020

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    1. Strikes me that agapanthus would benefit from having something behind it. I’ll experiment with a few placed pots when the rain clears. I have a begonia or two in mind.

    1. We shall compare them as the summer goes along, a chara. Yes, the Astilbe is just lovely. It’s between a fern and a small acer, and it is happy there. When a plant is happy so is the gardener!

  1. A very belated Birthday to you! Extended Birthdays are the best! Some lovely colours, both foliage and flowers, in your Six, and I like the soft colour of the Agapanthus. I’m looking forward to seeing the Lobelia flowering!

    1. It’s a great plant, a chara. Looks good among other flowering plants just for the foliage, and then the flowers on it are a real bonus.

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