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Six on Saturday – Packed Patio Policy

11th July 2020.

It has been very dull for the past few weeks. In fact, my wife went so far as to suggest that it was boring. Bland, lacking a little je-ne-sais-quoi and indeed just very… dull.

The weather has also been dull, yet that’s outside even my wife’s control. On the other hand, the bare patio needed just a little something, and she requested that I draw up three plans for her consideration. I am so happy that she put the hosepipe to my head because the hard work is now done and the patio is not even the slightest bit boring!

My six plants this week are being classed as one tightly-packed group. Management needed policies & safe practices to effect a solution to an issue I encountered after buying lots of plants recently. I have a central area on the patio which changes in appearance regularly. In it I have some permanent containers, together with some annuals. The last step in the process is to pack my newly-bought plants tightly in and around the others until I decide in Autumn where to plant them.

Generally, they are placed on the sheltered side so that they do not suffer too much from the heat of the summer sun. Included at the moment are…

  • various ornamental grasses
  • Spiraea Red Carpet
  • Ilex crenata Golden Gem
  • three Euonymus Emerald Gaiety
  • six Emerald Gold
  • and a Fairy Door

About once every six weeks I rearrange the plants, give them a decent soaking in a tray and add the new ones that I was unable to resist at the garden centre checkout till.

Anyone who remembers my post from a few weeks ago will know also that the fairies are in residence and the Fairy Door can be seen by zooming. No, not that kind of zooming! Continuous zooming will bring the nameplate on the door into clear view. “Fairy’s Live Here”.

Top Fairy left me a cryptic note last Thursday. I couldn’t make head nor tail of it, but clarification arrived after I appeased her with the promise of more plants to disguise the main entrance. Ar ndóigh, it appears that some of the wee clan want to sign up for this Six on Saturday thingy hosted by PJ, but frustration has set in because my WiFi does not reach within their door, and I am reminded to get it sorted… Or else… My boiled egg will be rotten, my rothar punctured or the bindweed will return.

There’s no longer anything dull on the patio, nor within the hidden micro-residences. My wife is pleased. Top Fairy is onside again and I’m off to spend a long day in the gáirdín. I hope you all have a good week, and that there may be some gardening involved.


Píosa beag Gaeilge:

  • rothar is a bike
  • gáirdín is very obviously garden
  • and “ar ndóigh” apparently means exactly that!


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0 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Packed Patio Policy”

  1. Lots of nice pinks. My garden areas are all in a yellow phase right now. When I was a young girl, and would complain I was “bored,” my mother would always say, “There will be floor show coming up,” but there never was! I guess I expected her to get up on the coffee table and dance.

    1. Ah that’s lovely! Laughing out loud, I hope! That’s the best kind. In fact, I laughed out loud while writing & afterwards too. Tis good for the soul! Beir bua, a chara. 🇮🇪

  2. like your pot arrangement there. i have a similar waiting area on my patio, mainly plants i’ve bought or grown for which i do not currently have space in the garden. a bit of a chore with the watering (when it’s sunny) but in general I like it.

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