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Month: August 2020


Six on Saturday – Cut and Change

I’m going to cut to the chase, without further ado. Pronto, as it were. There will be no dilly-dallying or beating about the bush. I

Hebe ‘Rhubarb AND Custard’

Tuesday, 25th August 2020 I bought three Hebe Rhubarb & Custard plants back in April 2020, and planted them near the roses. They have settled

Cheering Up My Monday

Monday, 17th August 2020. There was a passing shower just before midnight. The bad news is that it’s still passing through and the garden is

Six on Saturday – Moments of Joy

This week there’s been a bit of everything: chiropractor, haircut, wedding anticipation, a shameless off-piste plug for my daughter, barbecue, plenty wine, some sleep and

Good To Be Back

Saturday, 1st August 2020. The garden has managed just fine without me, but it’s good to be back. Brevity is over-rated? I’m in the scratcher

Six on Saturday – Urgente Opus Prioritas

The gable end of the new shed is just crying out for some climbing plants. I’ll somehow need to attach something to it that will enable plants to climb. Of course, additionally, I’ll need to plant a plant or two, preferably climbers.