Cheering Up My Monday – My Virtual Garden

21st September 2020.

I’m adding some new tulips to my two online virtual gardens:

  1. The Garden Tags app @gardentags
  2. Royal Horticultural Society

Both sites keep track of all my plants and they fire out timely reminders of maintenance tasks to be attended to. Thanks to both, I never miss a trick.

The three varieties uploaded are Yokohama, Purissima and Orange Emperor. Actual planting to be completed soon. Of course, I do keep a paper record of things, plants I’ve bought, seed lists, what goes where, daily tasks to be done or completed, and so on. It’s great to look back on and I sometimes check up on myself with great satisfaction. But, as with many paper records, some day it’ll get lost or damaged. I suppose it’s good to have the best of both, paper and digital. In any event, it’s the same garden, same beauty, same work & enjoyment.


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  1. Paddy Tobin

    I have a large-format hard-backed copybook in the garage – where I leave my wellingtons at the end of the gardening day – and I make a note of what we did in the garden that day, a garden journal of sorts. I was encouraged to do it for a reason which has now passed but continue it for my own interest. It takes a minute at the end of the day, four or five lines.

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