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Cheering up My Monday – Oh Brother!

Monday, 28th September 2020.

Labelling with marker is a thing of the past. They faded in sunlight and were generally just not good. I had thought of getting a super-duper cheer-up-my-Monday labelling machine many years ago but I could not justify the cost. Finally, I purchased one and I am surprised with the quality and the value.

I got this Brother P-touch H110 in the post recently, and spent a while figuring it out. I’m not good with visual instructions but this is foolproof. I got the text-based instructions as a download and… Bob’s-your-uncle!

It uses 6xAAA batteries when down the garden and can be plugged into mains electricity when in the potting shed.
Of course, I’m likely to drop it so I’ll be on the look out for an Otter-box lookalike.

Already, my recent Mondays have been cheered up. I know THINGS are not specifically meant to make me happy, but in this case, I’m happy that I have it! Actually, maybe it’s a bit of poopy-crap to impose thoughts that happiness arrived at from having things is not real? Rather than happy, I’ll just leave it at this: My Monday has been cheered up.
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