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Six on Saturday – Dibbers And Pringles

Which photograph takes first place in my garden competition this week? It was a private affair and I won easily. The prize is a two-night trip to West Cork.

12th Seprember 2020.

Summer weather has returned and I’ve been basking and cycling in warm sunshine (not at same time), but September is a working month so I’ve continued the daily garden tasks as needed. In the meantime, there will be lots to savour. Here are just six. In fact they comprise this week’s Six on Saturday from last Thursday.

1. Many of the Begonias have put out new flowers as they bask in the same warm sunshine. This is a blurred yellow one.

2. There’s a very small Fuchsia that I keep forgetting about. It’s a mere 30cm in height and it is almost hidden between a fern and Bergenia. Rest assured it will be reduced in height as I intend taking three cuttings. These cuttings bring my total to 102. By end of the month I estimate there will be 126. After that, a second Cold Frame 2.0 would be required.

3. Strawberries are in reverse mode. They looked spent a month ago and now there’s a flush of flowers and a few small fruits. I neglected feeding so they won’t taste great. Likely, with colder nights and slower growth, they may not fruit at all.

Bitter rhubarb made sunny-day strawberry face the realities of life- and taste all the better for it. (Judith Fertig) 

4. Feeding the Osteospermums also fell by the wayside, but they are surviving. There’s just a few flowers because I also neglected dead-heading. I normally do not like purple but this is go h-álainn. What’s in between purple and pink? I’m artistically colour-blind.

5. When I went shopping for pringles and pasta I added this variegated Hebe. It seemed a shame to leave it behind. It was in a sad, very over-watered state so I tidied it up and placed into the Holding Area until I make room for it somewhere. I’m tempted to pop it into a large patio pot, but will most likely wait until March. Three cuttings will be taken, but to give them a fighting chance, I’ll wait a few weeks as it settles into its temporary home.

6. Persicaria and Campanula are peeping through on the rockery under the tall fuchsia. This photograph took first place in my garden competition this week. It was a private affair and I won easily. The prize is a two-night trip to West Cork. Social distancing and hand-washing will be a top priority. Some Guinness will provide essential protein after cycling.

In Other News

We’ve jumped the gun already, as we are in Kerry for a few days. I’m cycling 160km with friends, while Marion is buying plants and dibbers, but not pasta. Likely, I may be on my rothar even as you’re reading this. Truth be told, if you’re reading on Saturday, I’ll be on it long after you’ve moved on. Naturally, I thought to grab some garden photos midweek, put a few words together in advance and set everything to auto-post. That way I don’t waste Guinness-time.

My wife and I have completed a list of six garden visits which we hope to make between now and the end of winter. Each has a nice café/restaurant for lunch nearby and each has some interesting local loop walks. If weather is good we may even bring the bikes. Drive to X, cycle for an hour or ninety minutes, have some lunch and browse for a plant or a new dibber. Home then to a cozy warm stove.

South Kerry Museum, Kenmare?

That’s my lot for this week, a cháirde. I’ll be back with more an Satharn seo chugainn. In the meantime, please visit Mr. Propagator’s garden blog where you can find many more Six on Saturday offerings from around the world, together with details of how to participate if that’s your thing. I hope you have a great week, be it in the garden, the potting shed or elsewhere. Slán go fóill.


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0 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Dibbers And Pringles”

  1. I haven’t checked if I have strawberry blossoms back, but I hear a lot of people around me having a second wave of fruit. I’m going to take a look after reading all my Six timeline.
    My largest fuchsia is also in bloom and it will need a good protection for next winter. The others will be overwintered indoors.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your cycling! You and your wife have a very good arrangement indeed! I wonder if I can convince Mr S that he needs to take up cycling…..I can just imagine the number of plants I can buy….. The photo in first place is indeed great! The flower colours go well together.

  3. What a clever idea. Why have I not thought of running a private photo competition just for me!? Now, what prize can I set for the prizewinner…

    You’re really getting into propagating by cuttings – careful or you will not only need cold frame 2.0 you may need to purchase some land to grow them all on. Love your variegated Hebe, I’m waiting to order one when it comes into stock. I think I might attempt some cuttings too. My cold frame 1.0 is empty.

    I hope you enjoyed your prizewinning holiday in West Cork. 😊

    1. Took me a long time to come up with competition isea! Don’t rush into it.
      Yes, the propagation is kinda experimental, and I’m hoping to give away most of the rooted cuttings once they grow on a bit.

    1. Mix of gardens and garden centres, more like… Camolin, Blackwater, Kennedy Park, Guagan Barra, Arboretum, Woodstock. Further recommendations welcome, Paddy.

      1. If you’re up as far as Camolin, why not just drive by and visit Kilmacurragh (part of the National Botanic Gardens) and Mount Usher , only ten more minute along the M11 (with an excellent restaurant, very good for lunch!) and possibly the most beautiful natural garden in the country.

    1. It’ll make you stronger, Jon. Off road is tough!
      We had smashing weather and a great day out. Still restrictions on Guinness here, however. That put a bit of a dampener on things.

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