Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, last day of September 2020.

Ready for winter


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    1. Pádraig

      Oh what big eyes you have! Well, there’s Sweet William, Aster and Zinnia. About 30 in all so I need to get my planning in place. Three pea varieties.

      1. I grew Boogie peas this year but with limited success. Had no success at all last year with Kelvedon Wonder, but they may have been in a shadier spot than they should have been.

        1. Pádraig

          Do peas need manure dug in? I’ve got to get this right… Peas are one of my wife’s special requests.

          1. My Tiny Welsh Garden

            They do. well-rotted manure dug in now. And the bonus is if you cut your beans stalks down but leave the roots in the ground and they will fix nitrogen in the soil ready for planting brassicas the following year 🙂

          2. Pádraig

            Thanks for that, Eileen. You’ve completed my homework for me. I owe you. ✅

          3. Pádraig

            I took out a subscription with GrowVeg. Looks very intuitive.

          4. I subscribed to Kitchen Garden magazine this year – 20 free packs of veg seeds to start, then three packs with each issue.

          5. Pádraig

            Many of those magazines are great value for UK residents but not for abroad. I think I’d be subsidising your seeds! 🤔

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