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Caught Between Two Minds

Tuesday, 27th October 2020.

Having to negotiate the ups and downs of my mind is regularly problematic. Now that my website is living as two separate entities, I’m caught between TWO minds. Do I continue here until such time as the NEW location is as I want it, and do I stay here afterwards?

I have some teething issues, one of which had been pointed out to me only today. It is this: What happens to the 124 subscribers to my website here? Does a subscription follow across to the transferred domain? How sensible would it be to keep both websites alive? I am torn, but the answer is… get out to the garden!

The Vegetable Bed and the Holding Bed are ready for winter. On the left, all my cuttings are safely tucked in under glass. On the right, I’ve got onions coming up slowly, plenty lettuce & scallions, and space to get the peas in very soon.

Both beds are cat-proofed.


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0 thoughts on “Caught Between Two Minds”

  1. I recently had a strange problem with my pages not uploading properly, and I contacted WordPress through the live chat, they were very helpful, and solved the problem (it was caused by caches on my browser, the mysteries of the internet). It might be worth asking them about your transfer worries, they are probably familiar with this kind of problem.

    1. Thank you, Sel. Indeed they are very halpful, and in my case they have been in the past. This time, the tech support at Hosting Ireland informed me that comments come across only if the original was a Premium Account. I shall wait to see the outcome and contact WP to resolve if needs be. Glass half full anticipation.

    1. Life is confusing! Sorry to be adding to it. All this tech stuff is the pits, but when I get it right, I’ll have great fun in the nursing home in 2050.😊😁

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