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Six on Saturday – A Week of Weather

Our very first November Christmas tree is up, yet it feels like the longest year since it came down back in early January.

28th November 2020.

Courtesy of Susie on Twitter, (@susie_dent) our word of the day is ‘spuddle’ (19th-century dialect): to be uselessly busy; to fuss about whilst achieving little or nothing. It’s a bit like my foostering last week.

Oh, I’ve spuddled many a day! This past week was no exception, particularly on Monday and Thursday as I spent many happy hours spudding beaverishly. End result: little or nothing, nada, faic. Therefore, to make something from nothing, I fall back on my ancient Irish conversation-starter, namely the weather. My Six this week brings you An Aimsir Anseo. How exciting!


I’m normally on my bike rothar with my club friends on Sundays but times are no longer normal. Instead, I cycled with my wife. Had a smile on me as wide as this dahlia.

Dahlia café au lait


A heavy fog and mist lurked for most of the day. Ach, ar aon nós, I abandoned the garden in favour of a hilly bike ride.

The Irish for foggy is ceomhar


As can be clearly seen, I skipped gardening on Monday as it was much too foggy. Today is wet, windy and definitely not a gardening day either.


Met Éireann mentions “outbreaks of rain for some time.” Reminds me of Benny’s remarks after a torrential day of rain at the 2018 cycling Tour de Beara.

There was a passing shower at 9am. It just took 8 hours to pass.

Benny D.


After a cold start, Wednesday An Chéadaoin was a beautiful beautiful day. We had a beautiful walk in Colligan Wood, alongside what is reputed to be one of the fastest rivers in the world. Imagine having that on my doorstep and only finding out recently! At any rate, we enjoyed a short stroll at a pace considerably slower than the river. Beautiful! That’s a lot of beautifuls.

Níos fuaire inniú

I cycled with my buddy friend at 5pm, starting cool at 8°C, but it was down to just 1°C two hours later. Before my rothaíocht I made sure that the cold-frame and glasshouse were closed.

A sudden drop


A hard overnight frost was followed by a pleasant day. Unusually, I made only a few short trips to inspect possible damage. Most of the day was taken up draining the oil tank and removing it.

Roses are still blooming and the fuchsias will last a few more days.


Despite the severe fog alert, there was none. It was a crisp clear cloudless morning. The temperature inside the glasshouse was very close to zero, and 1.9° in the cold frame, so I retreated to the warmth of the kitchen to start my Friday spuddling. The Irish for this art form is ag útamáil.

Begonias almost ready for winter


Sometimes, I submit an entry for the weekly #flowersonfriday on Twitter, hosted by Audrey. The theme this week is Garden Art. Now, I do not consider myself arty. I do not have fanciful items in my garden, nor do I feel tempted to. My right-brain outlet is digital art, and I enjoy nothing better than a bit of photographic spuddling.


My contribution yesterday was my favourite Dahlia Café au Lait, bottled up safely against the hard frost.

As per usual, I want to thank Jon who hosts this weekly update over at The Propagator Blog. You can read more from many other gáirdíní from near and far, with the option of writing about your garden should you wish. Rest assured, there’s very little spuddling going on!

Connect With Me

I’ve been very happy to connect recently on FB, Instagram and Twitter with several regular readers of this Six-on-Saturday. All my social links are here, should anyone else want to go down that road. I hope you all have a great week and that there will be some gardening too.

NGS… The No-Garden-Six

  • Diego Armando Maradona passed away
  • Waterford hurlers defeated Clare 3-27 to 3-18 in All Ireland QF and face the Cats later today
  • Having submitted my case to ComReg, I received a substantial refund from Eir, my previous that’s-a-mistake broadband/phone provider company
  • The oil tank is empty, just like The Trump, and both will be rehomed very soon
  • Our very first November Christmas tree is up, yet it feels like the longest year since it came down back in early January
  • The Toy Show enthralled us, while Baileys added to the occasion
The first ever November tree


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  1. I’ve spent the morning spuddling although I have a banana cake to show for it so not too bad. I’m intrigued about your very fast river – sounds wonderful. Hope you have a good week.

    1. Banana cake… Oh lovely! I’m intrigued as well,as it was Lisa who pointed it out to me. My brother, confirmer of fast rivers, has confirmed it. I’d love to know how it’s measured…

        1. I’m dreaming of a….. spuddling Christmas!
          Actually, the idea of deliberately setting out to avoid pre-Christmas burnout might be helped by meditative spuddling!

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