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A Death In The Family

With heavy heart, I write of a death in the family. Fifty-eight small seedlings froze to death in the glasshouse last night. When I heard the weather forecast I had intended wrapping them in fleece, but I forgot. Yes, I FOR… GOT. I happens.

Such is the life of a gardener who decides to start in January! I’ve started again with two Dahlia varieties and I’ll get around to the others over the next few days. I have been given temporary permission to keep the new seedlings in the utility room as soon as they get out of the propagator.

Truth be told, seedlings generally flower/fruit in or about the same time of the year even if sown a few weeks earlier or later, so I’m not too worried. Interestingly, I’ve had three lovely requests for some plants. I’m becoming very aware that lots of people are reading my garden updates. I always knew about those who commented from time to time. However, there’s a silent majority out there who follow along in the shadows. I’m OK with that too. I’m more than happy to give seedlings and plants to friends and outlaws. My garden is small, and I know how many of a certain plant that would look good in the garden.

Anyway, there will be a short delay in handing over plants. In the meantime, stay warm folks.


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  1. Poor Pádraig, sorry for your loss. It will be of no consolation, but I’ve probably lost all my pellies in the greenhouse that would normally have been tucked up nice and cosy during this cold spell. I can’t get out to check them, but as I know the outcome anyway, I’ve placed an order for some nice, new-to-me varieties. I hope your second sowing fares better. 😊

      1. Two more weeks until next hospital visit, and hoping the sling will be removed. Still painful, but definitely healing. Lots waiting to be tackled in the garden.

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