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January Inspiration – A Dynasty of Dahlias

Wednesday, 6th January 2021.

I buy a packet of Dahlia seeds most years, and I’m thinking that by now I really should have a dynasty. In fact, I’ve got about eight, but the fun of growing this plant from seed is exactly what’s needed for my January Inspiration, whether or not I keep the plants beyond the growing season.

This year I’ve got five packets, three ordered before Christmas from D.T.Brown, one from Suttons and a final one from Mr. Fothergill’s. These last two were bought in 2019 and not sown. It strikes me as I write that I could consider saving seeds from the ones I like for next year. Perhaps I will, but I don’t think it will stop me from buying some new improved varieties next year.

There’s a certain magic when seeds arrive by post, and the steps between then and sowing are an extension of the excitement.

The old teacher in me wonders why there’s an apostrophe in Mr. Fothergill’s but not in Suttons? Shop names are equally different… Penneys, McDonald’s, Waterstones. This is not in any way associated with inspiration, excitement or anything such like.

Follow me along during the month of January as I write a very short account of things that inspire me, at a time when inspiration is like water to a Sahara marathon runner.

What inspires you? Gardening or otherwise.


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