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January Inspiration – Plans Afoot

8th January 2021.

How does the garden off-season progress? I guess it’s different for each of us. In my case, November is still very busy getting things tidied up and December is really about Christmas, mostly spent indoors. January can be the problem month. I really want to get things moving along but it’s too early. Yes, I can see the faint glimmer of new growth on spring bulbs, but other than that, it’s the month that cannot give as much as I need.

With that in mind, I invented “My January Inspiration”, helping me seek out and nurture the small aspects of gardening that lift me up. Little things that help me make it through the dull, dreary weather.

I’ll mention only a little about today’s inspiration because there’s a full Six-on-Saturday article about it tomorrow. I use a website subscription service called GrowVeg to plan my vegetable growing for the year. Go check it out.

Some of us use pen and paper, others a spreadsheet and a few just wing it. I do a bit of all these at various times of the year. GrowVeg has worked really well for me since last October, so it gets added to My January Inspiration repertoire. Read all about it tomorrow.


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  1. Looking forward to reading all about it. For the first time this year I made a table on Word to remind myself what to sow when. Up until now, I’ve winged it, but like you say we need little things to keep some positive vibes going this month!

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