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January Inspiration – Snow

7th January 2021

My January Inspiration seemed to be glaringly absent this morning. You see, I had followed TV coverage of events in Washington overnight and I was alarmed.

I had been aware in recent days of temperatures several degrees below average. Sleety showers of snow were forecast, yet as I’m living by the sea, the worst seems to pass us by. So, my heart lifted as I let the dogs outside for their morning ramble, as I realised there was just the very lightest covering of snow.

Last snow was 2018.

Despite the sheer beauty, I write without an iota of motivation. The snow will shortly disappear. I shall do likewise to the land of nod, perchance to dream away a nightmare.


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  1. pruneplantsow

    Thank you Padraig, I need all the inspiration I can get this morning.

    1. Pádraig

      Yes, we all do. So we do our best to share what’s positive in our garden/life. Take care, my friend.

  2. Paddy Tobin

    Heavy snow is rare in Dungarvan/Abbeyside. I recall a particularly heavy fall in 1962. I recall the cold walk home after midnight mass at Christmas.

    1. Pádraig

      Can’t say I remember that one! But I do remember being told that there were very few street lights and Cunniffe’s window lit the way. Any truth in that?

      1. Paddy Tobin

        My route home would not have passed Cunniffe’s. I’d go up Mitchell St and on to Caseyville. I don’t recall loss of lights just the amount of snow – and I got a nosebleed on the way home!

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