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January Inspiration – Artificial Heat

Tuesday, 5th January 2021.

I’m continuing today with more of #myjanuaryinspiration, as I get the seed-buster ready for blast off. I’ve nicknamed it Paddy’s Proppy.

Yesterday actually.

In truth, my active gardening year would be about eight weeks shorter without this heated sauna for seeds.
Before New Year I had catalogued all my seeds and now it’s time to arrange them by month order. I use Low-fat Greek-style Natural Yoghurt cartons for this. Sowing starts soon. Normally it would be a case of nipping over to the garden centre to buy seed & potting compost, but in these abmormal times, it’s coming to me… Soon.

Heating up.

I bought this VitoPod back in 2017, and wrote about it at the time. Here’s the link.

Have you something similar? What plans have you for 2021 seed-sowing?

Slán go fóill,


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0 thoughts on “January Inspiration – Artificial Heat”

    1. I’m just waiting for potting compost, then it’s full steam ahead.
      No immediate family in US but several cousins and outlaws around Boston. And you? Did you mention Irish connection at some point?

      1. Yes, from that other Ireland, from Londonderry and Belfast. My GGGGGG, many greats, was an Irish Presbyterian, who, came here in the early 1700’s to start a church. You should see the look of him! Stern does not begin to cut it!

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