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Just Three Things

Here we go again with my formerly-regular Just Three Things. In case you’re unfamiliar with this, I write regularly about my early morning wander down the garden, noticing three things of interest and three jobs that need to be tackled.

I was booted up shortly before 9am, yet the weather was so mild that a shirt and light jumper was enough. There was a very heavy fog and, obviously, no wind at all.


I pruned the roses gently last November, gave them a full hard cut about ten days ago, and spread fertiliser around them. It will be washed in slowly over the coming weeks to feed them. Already, there’s some new growth. Spring is on the way!


Last autumn I planted lots of daffodils in pots, and in this case I planted three pots into this larger pot. Hoping to restrict weed growth, I topped it off with a light layer of sand. What I didn’t expect was that birds would start using this for their regular sand-bath! In an attempt to stop them, I put in some bamboo sticks but they simply bathe in between the obstacles.


Floating on top of the barrel today is this detached leaf from a sweet-pea plant. There are seven of them growing well in the glasshouse, grown from seed last October. I pinched them about a week ago and placed the trimmings on to the compost heap. So, something moved it here. A bird or a gust of wind, perhaps. Remarkably, floating perfectly on the leaf is a water droplet. I love it!

Jobs To Be Tackled

  • The patio needs to be powerwashed. This is generally a job that takes several hours, but I think I’ll break it up into sections, starting near the kitchen window.
  • Gladiolus bulbs need to be planted somewhere. Last summer I had them in pots, but they’re going into the ground this year.
  • The large dahlia near the rotary clothes line is to be moved. I’ve got a large pot set aside.

The garden is coming to life again, so I’d imagine that in the weeks ahead there will be many more things happening, and of course that also means many more jobs to be done. Exciting times! February is just around the corner.

Finally, as times are difficult, I’m including this uplifting image I saw today.

Credit: Power of Positivity.


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    1. It’s my morning ritual before breakfast most days. A kind of meditation. Writing it doesn’t happen as regularly as I’d like! Perhaps I’ll see Just Three from you?

  1. I really like the uplifting words. Life is tough right now, and we all need something to hang on to. Like an anchor to help keep us grounded.

    I use courser gravel in my pots. Our resident blackbird is a real PITA.

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