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Week#4/21 Review

Yesterday, I had my first Zoom call with Joe since his inauguration last Wednesday. We agreed on a wide range of issues. A spokesman, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity, described the exchanges as robust.

Pamela was sworn in as vice-president. I pointed out that so many countries have female leaders, presidents and prime ministers and that the United States is finally beginning to catch up. He said nothing, but I could see him thinking.

I was unable to get confirmation that Joe had read the letter left on his desk, but the existence of the letter was not denied. Joe did go so far as to say that there were many important briefings, all of which are immensely helpful.

I was very impressed by Amanda Gorman during the week. Her poem, “The Hill We Climb”, is wonderful. Here’s a link to more about this super young woman.

We are still at Level 5 restrictions, so I’m limited to exercising 5km from home. I’m very rateful that Cushcam and Coolmasmear are within my zone. A very long lockdown seems likely. Mid-March perhaps? Maybe longer.

We’ve had very cold weather conditions on Saturday and today. Plenty snow on high ground but none here, despite subzero night temperatures.


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