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Ahead of Myself

I took a look back to this day two years ago when I started the annual powerwashing. This is a real pain in the neck job, but with Irish weather it must be done. Concrete becomes dangerous when a full year of sludge builds up.

The good news is that this year I am ahead of myself. I made a start yesterday, and completed the section outside the kitchen window.

I should also consider doing the wall. In fairness, it looks bad, but there’s no need. When summer comes and the sun shines, that wall looks as clean as a whistle.

Over the next few weeks I’ll tackle the patio area and the section leading to the glasshouse, followed by the small raised section beyond the vegetable beds. Finally, I’ll move to the front of the house and powerwash the driveway. Easing of Level 5 restrictions will get underway shortly after I’ve completed all the cleaning. This year, I’m particularly glad to have a few tedious jobs to do.

How have you been able to keep yourself occupied during Covid restrictions?

Do you powerwash? Do you like powerwashing? Do you ever write about powerwashing? Is there anything you’d rather be doing instead of powerwashing or writing about it? Select one of the above and leave a comment. For bonus point, write a comment that goes beyond one sentence!


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  1. Hallo Padraig, I’m Lindy of Irish descent great grandparents from Clonmel in the 19th century. I always enjoy powerwashing myself, not myself… I, myself, always…. etc. I live on a very muddy clay soil area of the NE of The Netherlands. We are building our own energy efficient house here. I use what we call in Dutch ‘clean walk, mats’. Between 3 and 4 meters long, very short tufted and rubber backed. Once the warm and sunny weather has arrives I drag them out of their respective living spaces, like the way to the outside loo next to the apiary which get lots of muddy traffic. With help from a strong lad called Benjamin who helps us quite often with heavy work we get the mats get hoisted over my metal washing lines and power washed until all the mud is out. A smashing feeling of accomplishment as they change back from muddy brown to green once again. I enjoy your little stories. Keep safe, keep happy, keep planting.

    1. Oh thank you, thank you Lindy from Clonmel originally! I’m giving you lots of bonus points as you’ve taken the time to write an extended account of your satisfaction. Beir bua!

  2. I stand with you, shoulder to shoulder, power-washer in hand and am going to continue today in hopes of getting the job finished today. The patio was done a fortnight or so ago; the front of the house yesterday and I hope to do the back of the house and the drive down to the gate! We’ll get there!

    1. My commiserations, Chloris. Despite being dressed for wet weather, I cannot avoid it either. Try entering a meditative state? Oh, and also… powerwash with wind at your back.

    1. Would you consider upskilling?

      I am generally given sufficient leeway by mó bhean chéile about a completion date, for which I am grateful. Some years it doesn’t get done until mid-March.

  3. Having almost gone base over apex this afternoon on a client’s mossy and very slippery yard, I decided on the spot to invest in a power washer and offer this alongside the weeding, pruning, mulching etc. At the moment I boemrriw my kind neighbours’s Karcher (other makes are available!) but I think the time has come to buy my own. It’s a very satisfying job, but so messy!

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