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Dahlia Delight

February 1st 2021.

Generally regarded as the first day of spring here in Ireland, the 1st of February is the feast of Saint Brigid. I’m not much of a fella for saints, but by all accounts she was a kind helpful woman. As I pottered in the glasshouse this morning, I wondered if she had a garden or grew seeds.

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0 thoughts on “Dahlia Delight”

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I think the video is there now. If not, try the YouTube link.
      Imbolg was a pre-Christian festival marking mid way between Winter solstice and equinox, and celebrated the beginning of new growth. You’re correct, the Christians rebranded it!

        1. Grass seed for the cat? You’ll need to have your temperature checked, Sel!
          The tubers in effect are two year old plants…. I like to buy a few now and then….

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