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Sweet Pea Special

If this were a video, you’d hear me saying something like: “How are your Sweet Peas?”

You like the fragrance of sweet peas? These beauties will be ready to overwhelm by early May, a full six weeks earlier than usual. How so, you ask? These were sown in the glasshouse last October.

I’ll be doing a Sweet Pea Special this week and I’ll update here with a special link. On Friday, most likely. Those of you, fellow gardeners, who have already signed up, will get an automatic notification. Special!

You might also hear me saying… Do you call it a glasshouse or a greenhouse?

And finally, the Honours Level quiz question this week: What on earth are the two green yokes left and right?


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        1. I was in the glasshouse just before dusk and the temperature had dropped below 3°C (about 37F), but I’d say they’ll be OK… Might cover them with fleece just to be sure.

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