Garden writing lifts me up.

Old Age Garden

My first poem. I was helping a friend figure out a decent format for writing verse. Turns out I just went with the flow.

Start again
Dig it out
Pull it down
Too hot today
Two hours of heavy dragging
Then two hours rest
Grateful for neighbours
Stopping to chat
It would be good
To arrange a passer-by
Every twenty minutes.

Is there a deadline?
Maybe there is
I see the finished version
In my head
Finbar says it will be grand
It'll see me out, he says
We both agree
We're not sure
Is that good or bad?

My Old Age Garden
Is taking shape
I'll surely want a seat there
And space for the Zimmer frame
I have the plants
And I'll go looking at stone
Should there be a concrete pathway?
To walk or wheel around
In my fall years.

It'll see me out
Be there after me
My legacy with weeds
My name will be mentioned
By passers-by
They'll say
I remember him
He was delighted
That I stopped for a chat.

I'll cheat a little
By naming a plant after me
Put a little sign nearby
To start conversations
About new beginnings
And endings
That come calling
Will I want a bit of me
Scattered in the corner?
I think I'd be
A good bone meal substitute.

Start again
Dig it out
Pull it down
Too hot again today
Wishing for rain
Wishing the year wheels
Of old age ahead
To stop turning
But no
The garden will grow old
With me and then
Without me
In the meantime
I might perfect cartwheels
Or wheelies
Before the afterdeath.


4 thoughts on “Old Age Garden”

  1. Very good Padraig, am I right in understanding that you have taken out hard material away from your front and have now started a real garden there?

    1. Almost, Lindylow. I’ve removed shrubs, trees, about half of the compacted loose stone and membrane beneath. As soon as I finish removing the rest, the fun part begins! I may even be tempted to feature the finished garden for SoSes.

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