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In The Garden – August Week 2

Sunday, 15th August 2021.

It was another week of good weather except for Wednesday morning and Saturday. I’ve been in the garden but I’ve done very little apart from two little jobs that have been a long time on the long finger.

The clothes line is on the raised vegetable bed, but the base has not been securely bedded in. I did have it screwed to the brickwork but gravity moved it loose.

On Tuesday I mixed some cement and finished the job in an hour. Left to set for a few days with a propagator cover for protection, the swaying clothes line should be a thing of the past.

Beaming with satisfaction, I continued by finishing last week’s leftover task. The first compost heap is now state-of-the-art, with rain-prevention measures in place. The cover is removable piece by piece, as will be necessary. To be clear, it does not prevent rain.

New Arrivals

My winter vegetable plugs package arrived from Little Green Growers in County Galway on Wednesday, and the here’s what happened next…

I dipped all plugs in water for a few hours. That was the easy bit. Clearing a space for them didn’t take long and everything was in the ground by 9pm.

After dusk, I popped over to my online plant spreadsheet to work on the process of logging these arrivals. It’s not something I like doing, but life’s like that. In fairness, I’ve refined the system so that I have the information I need at my phone fingertips for future reference. Completed update is here (and accessible from the Website Menu), together with photographs and labels. It’s a work in progress.

Other gardening bits this week included:

  • Eating outside, coffee outside and just sitting. Guinness outside on Friday. Small treasured pleasures.
  • Lots and lots of cycling this week. 310km to be precise. This does mean less time in the garden, but things are generally under control.
  • There’s a delay with my next plant delivery because of a missing Eircode. In one way I’m pleased. It’s good to have jobs staggered.


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