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In The Garden – August Week 3

Monday: nada. Just a quick look around but not a finger was lifted. Plants arrived by courier and I left them in the shed.

Tuesday: I had planted vegetables in fresh loose compost and the blackbirds went digging for dinner. I had to put a stop to it by putting bamboo canes and other temporary obstacles in the way. That was as much as I was willing to do.

Wednesday: a busy day with my mam, and a date night so there wasn’t much time in between. Several walks down and up, over and across. I did notice two tiny mushrooms and a flower that wouldn’t give up! It’s rooted in a pot behind this pot.

Thursday: again, a big nothing, not even time to admire. That’s sad, but normal service will resume soon.

Friday: heavy rain all day. Very heavy.

Saturday: I was cycling all day, pretty much. After a long bath I sat in the glasshouse for an hour drinking my recovery electrolytes and surveying my patch.

Sunday: again, there was no time for gardening. However, the entire week brought home to me that August is not a time for gardening. I did get some time to sit, relax and recover from my bike exertions. 814km in 11 days. Tomorrow there will be more sitting and relaxing.

What is catching my eye at the moment? Well, for sure, the dahlias and begonias stand out, but my plant of the week is Rudbeckia. There are several that just bring a smile to my face.

How was it for you?

Until next week,


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