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In The Garden – August Week 4

Lazing about this week! Warm, sunny, light breezes. It’s just typical return-to-school weather. This is my ninth end-of-August with that wonderful not-going-back-to-school feeling. It’s a perfect time for feeling lazy!

I’ve purchased a few perennials to extend the Summer colour into Autumn and I’ll feature them next Saturday.

Meanwhile the Begonias are delightful. I spent some time eyeing them up in order to decide which ones to keep and which ones must go.

Watering before dusk several times this week has kept the vegetables growing well. Other than that, very little work was done. It’s as it should be! Next week I’ll begin the Autumn tidy-up. Very slowly most days through September, I’ll start clearing. It’s my way of ensuring that I’m not faced with a mountain of work in October and November. But this week is for enjoying, relaxing and basking in the heat.

Until next week,


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  1. barefootlilylady

    After an oppressively hot and humid week, we have some cooler weather in store this week. I plan to begin some of that pre-autumn tidy-up work too…little by little so as not to be overwhelmed later. Your begonias are beautiful. I only have one begonia – given to me by a friend, so keeping it alive is my goal. I don’t think I could choose between the two you have in the last photo. I love the peachy color of the blossoms and the deep green leaves of the one on the left, and the large blossoms of the one on the right (which happens to be in one of my personal favorite flower colors).
    Have a great week my friend.

    1. Pádraig

      I’m happy you’ve got the cooler conditions this week. Yes, a slow tidy up begins!
      For sure these two begonias are keepers! I’ve about 20 and some just don’t make the cut, or rather they will make the cut.

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