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Just Three Things – Cheering Up My Monday

Motivation Monday: Consider planting something today. A vegetable or flower, an idea, resolution or even a smile.

After a long interval, here we go again with Just Three Things. In case you’re unfamiliar with this, I write about my short early morning wander down the garden, noticing three things of interest and three jobs that need to be tackled. Usually takes me about five minutes. Simple as that, followed by breakfast.


The lilies started in early July and most have now finished, but this one is about to bloom, thus extending the season by another two weeks. I think it’s either Lilium Baferrari or Isadora. I’ll likely know better when they bloom fully.


My favourite Begonia last year. It looks a bit leggy, yet the two-tone orange/red gets me every time.


The Clematis Montana is growing well, considering its been there only since May and it’s in a pot. While the plant gets sun from mid-afternoon, the pot is in shade. Two boxes ticked.

Just three things to be done:

  1. Braid the onions for storing. (Marion).
  2. Tidy up after harvesting broadbeans. (Me).
  3. Prune the crabapple tree. (Me).

Final Thought

Monday Motivation: Consider planting something today. A vegetable or flower, an idea, resolution or even a smile!


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  1. A fine crop of onions – which variety? I need to go to the allotment and harvest mine this week – I grew Snowball and Electric. I’ve bought onion bags for storing them this year; I wonder which will turn out to be the best method – bags or braids? (I knotted mine in old tights last year and found it was too much effort to remember to take a pair of scissors to the shed.)

    1. Thanks, Eileen. Late frosts in May caused them to bolt in June. That’s my theory. As to variety, it’s lost somewhere in a spreadsheet! Best method? I’m open to suggestions. Marion is the onion lady.

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