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Six-on-Saturday – What3Words

Many countries now have a code system to identify a location, be they Zip codes, Postal Codes or in Ireland Eircodes. Introduced here recently, every house/building has a unique code.

Now there’s something that refines the concept. Every 9 square metres on earth has a unique code that uses three words. Check out What3Words to find the code for your garden shed, rosebed, kitchen table or outside loo. You need never be lost ever again. Emergency rescue services are beginning to adopt this new technology, companies are selling products based on your unique three words and mapping services are integrating it. You’ll be able to say to the taxi-driver:

Take me to commercials.corrugated.revote and step on it!

In any case, I played around with it during the week. Here are the codes for six precise parts of my garden.

A h-Aon:


A Dó:


A Trí:


I really like these three!

A Ceathar:


I’m wondering… If motor plates can be bought for a fee, could I pay to have the algorithm personalised?

A Cúig:


A Sé:


Home sweet home.

That was a quick Six this week!

I’ve noticed that for the past few months each one of the plants I’ve selected for my Six-on-Saturday has been photographed close up. Today, the photographs give a broader view of the garden and of sections within it. I do hope you enjoy them. Whether or not you have any interest in What3Words remains immaterial, particularly as this is a garden blog.

Curiosity got the better of me on Thursday. It happens most days, and I’m happy to learn something new as well as knowing some old things such as how to grow dahlias or when to sow Spring Onions.

I searched What3Words for “”. I’m delighted to know that it is in Western Australia. In truth, Saturday is plural as in “///”

Google maps integrates What3Words and I’m able to view from above or check out Street View. I checked to be sure I’m not invading anyone’s back garden privacy. I’d not want to upset some Australian sheep farmer. Yesterday was Friday the 13th, and it seems to have passed safely by.

Dozens of small craftspeople are supplying products based on your unique What3Words. Here are some that I’m adding to my Christmas list:

So there you go. It’s a most unusual Six-on-Saturday this week. I’ll be hoping to resume normal service on the 21st.

What’s it all about?

Sin a bhfuil uaimse don seachtain seo. I’ll be back again next week with another Six-on-Saturday. Thank you for reading, and to Jon for bringing us all together every week. I shall be spending some time exploring Western Australia, practicing some Welsh phrases with proper valleys accent and reading other SOS updates when I can. Wherever you are, have a great week. Slán go fóill.

This Time Last Year

Here’s the full article: Guinness & Begonias

The Week That Was

Not garden-related, this is merely to keep a record of events for future reminiscing.

  • Climate Change Report is stark. Our house will be prone to regular flooding by 2050. I’d better not tell the local Estate Agents.
  • Waterford were well-beaten by Limerick in hurling semi-final.
  • Hook & Ladder in Waterford serve a most beautiful healthy breakfast.
  • Blackwater Garden Centre serve a most beautiful lunch.
  • Five beautiful spins: 92, 20, 40, 56 and 103. Life is good. I’m taking part in a 10-day charity challenge for breast cancer research.
  • I haven’t had time to swing a cat. No cat-swinging for the week ahead either.


There’s a location on the centre of the road in front of our house called derailed.alienating.waistline. I know I’m carrying a bit of weight, but this is getting too close for comfort. Big brother technology is really creepy!


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  1. swesely

    That is so interesting! I’m sitting in pasta.tins.font…

  2. Your garden is looking great. I might have to look into What3Words. It might come in handy when I inevitably do myself an injury retrieving this and that from behind the blue shed.

  3. fredgardener

    Awesome research! I didn’t know that something like that could exist … Of course my 3 words are in French and I have a lot for my house and my garden. ! ( and you’ll go to Brazil! 😂

  4. I thought landscape.adopted.texts was looking particularly nice. I’m now off to waste the rest of my morning on What3Words (until the cricket starts).

  5. Paddy Tobin

    Ní bheidh tú caillte orm riamh arís! Cé a cheap go dtógfadh “Grow-Write-Repeat” díreach go teach i nDún na Mainistreach mé! Nach iontach an saol é!

    1. Pádraig

      Bhí me ar an mboreen thíos faoi do dhroichead mór inné. Trua mór gur cul-de-sac é. 🤔

      1. Paddy Tobin

        Táimidne sa teach deireanach roimh an droichead – geataí adhmaid – agus bhíomar amuigh sa ghairdín an maidin go léir go dtí a trí!

  6. Haha – I tried a square for my patio and got : venturing.backyards.eliminate – are they trying to tell me something?

  7. grannysgarden

    I’ve yet to investigate What3words but your garden looks so interesting anyway. Is it quite large? You certainly pack plenty in it.

    1. Pádraig

      As Town Gardens go, it’s larger than usual. 80 feet by 30. If I could build on a second storey I would!

  8. Noelle M

    Yes I agree with everyone, very interesting, and it is as if we have had a garden tour. Will explore the what3words in due course!

    1. Pádraig

      Hope you have a great weekend, Noelle. Enjoy the exploration too!

      1. Pádraig

        Thank you, Barbara. Your light.arrow.asks springtime garden is just around the corner!

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