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Six-on-Saturday – Mish Mash

Wouldn’t you know? The first sign of Winter arrived on Monday! I’d not expected it so soon, as it appeared suddenly and without warning. Autumn was completely bypassed, it was. The Jelitto seed catalogue dropped through the letterbox. More on that later.

I shall be very brief this week because as yet I haven’t mastered writing while cycling. Today (Saturday) I’m cycling day 10 of 11 for breast cancer research. I’m flubbered, but there’s just one day to go and I’m going to make it a big one. I’m taking advice from the professionals. When not cycling, refuel and recover. Do not stand if I can sit. Do not sit if I can lie down. Therefore no gardening worth typing about, cooking has been a mish-mash of everything below my usual standard and the Yorkies are looking a bit thin.

That said, follow me down the garden and I’ll show you six Saturday things…

The six AGM plants from Ballyrobert Gardens in Antrim have arrived. They sit in a sheltered corner until I recover next week. Very thoughtfully, a small packet of Love Hearts was enclosed.

This is one of the few Zinnias that came good from seed sown in March. I love that the flowers are long-lasting so the dreaded dead-heading is not necessary as often. I can’t be getting up from the lounger to attend to such things.

The onions are ready for storing. Marion has agreed to take on the task. Nylon stockings galore are being rooted out.

I’ve been dipping into the Jellito website for seed purchases. There’s no rush, so I requested a catalogue. I’ll be browsing it after the clocks go back in October. At that point, I’ll be well recovered.

I was given a beautiful set of measuring dials. As well as the usual barometer and thermometer, the third is very unusual. It’s a tidal clock. The sea is a short 500 metres from here, and now I’ll know when the tide is fully in. Good idea for me to get into it this week to soothe sore legs. A fifteen-minute stationary stand would help me recover.

The Busy Lizzies are in great shape. I’ve grown them on and off down the years. This year I discovered they grow best in semi-shade, and here’s the proof.

What’s it all about?

That’s it for this week, a cháirde. Get yourselves over to The Propagator to find many many more weekly gardening stories, and until next week, I hope that all will be well in your world. Slán go fóill.

Sadly, I’m reaching the point where I am unable to find time to read many of the blogs that I’m following. C’est la vie.

This Time Last Year

Excerpt from August 2020:

“My Six this week features four of my top ten plants that regularly do well in my garden. Included also is some information about Storm Ellen, blue pollen, enlarged testicles and clever Italians. To be clear, all are unconnected.”

Here’s the full article, a three minute read: Fake Mexicans & Clever Italians

The Week That Was

Not garden-related, this is merely to keep a record of events for future reminiscing.

  • Taliban control Afghanistan again, earthquake in Haiti and severe wildfires in Greece, Turkey and California.
  • Another great evening meal at Richmond House with Marion, Méabh & Jimmy.
  • Both Yorkies attended the vet. Becks needed to return overnight for tlc.
  • By all accounts there are 113 Covid cases in Dungarvan this week.
  • Monday was the 28th anniversary of the death of my brother Gary.
  • Bike: 101, 122, 101, 50, and 150 today. It finishes tomorrow and I’ll put bike away until Wednesday. Must check time of full tide.


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  1. Good work on the cycling and all the best for today and tomorrow! The garden looks great, so don’t worry about it – just relax!

    1. Pádraig

      Cheers, Andrew. It’s psychological at this stage coz there sure ain’t much physical left!
      I’ll be sure to enjoy the week ahead. Hope you do too.

  2. lisinmayenne

    Good luck with the final stretch of your marathon bike ride. Hope you’re planning to treat yourself to plenty of R & R time browsing the Jellito catalogue when you’re done!

    1. Pádraig

      Gracias, Lís. There will be Guinness and perhaps a vino or two. After that, it’s rest in the garden time. Forecast for next week is v good.

  3. I’ve never heard of the tide-ometer before, I love it. Great new purchases and happy shopping. Brilliant cycling marathon, I’m very impressed, keep on keeping on! Sending extra pedal power from South Wales.

    1. Pádraig

      Torrential rain yesterday, but today it looks like it’s the turn of South Wales. Tide-ometer will be severely tested.

  4. grannysgarden

    Well done with the cycling and your plants. Like mine, they will probably thrive on a bit of neglect. 🤔

    1. Pádraig

      I like your positive thinking! Have a great weekend, a chara.

  5. fredgardener

    The last photo is very pretty, the arrangement is very successful. I also noticed that the onions are very tidy, clean, well cut… mine is still a mess!
    I did not know the tidal clock either, it’s original and is certainly very practical for all those who live near the sea.

    1. Pádraig

      I’ll bring the tidal clock nearer to the house for the winter, Fred. It certainly is an unusual item.
      That last photo is of a shady spot that needs very little tending. So it’s a bonus. Marion has done a wonderful job with the onions! I’ll get to your SOS tonight after my bike ride. Have a good weekend, a chara.

    1. Pádraig

      To be sure! I’m at 50k now having a decent toasted sandwich.

        1. Pádraig

          I’m at 127k for more sustenance. One Guinness tonight and a few tomorrow night to mark the event!

  6. barefootlilylady

    Your posts are always uplifting and often teach me something new. I admire your tenacity in both biking and gardening. Your garden is amazing. I planted Busy Lizzies this year too – the first time in a few seasons. I planted mine in pots because the bunnies have been busy munching on most anything planted in the ground.. Have a great week and a successful end to this biking event.

    1. Pádraig

      Aw, lovely. Indeed, we learn from one another. I think I’d have animal tights issues if rabbits started chewing.

  7. Nice new purchases, and the clock is interesting! I hope your cycling goes well as it’s for a good cause. Good luck. I love the Bizzy Lizzy flowers! They are looking great!

    1. Pádraig

      All done, a chara. 818km in 9 days. Two non-cycling days, the first out of necessity, the second weather related.
      The Busy Lizzy are fantastic and need no work beyond planting.

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