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Spoiler Alert

My wife says I’m a bit peculiar. If you’re a regular reader of Six-on-Saturday, you’re in for a mighty puzzle this week. If you’re not a regular, you’ll miss this mighty puzzle. You won’t even know you’ve missed it!

Here’s a clue for you to solve the puzzle. We all know about Eircodes. But What3Words takes it to a whole new level. 9 square metres to be exact. Check it out… before Saturday. Follow the link above to experience it in action.

In the meantime, in order to align myself with the matrix, here are three garden photos. See you on Saturday!

Canva is da bomb!

I cheated. This is not a garden photo. It’s a safety gate on the Waterford Greenway. In order to increase safety when going down the slope, the gate is set to open inwards. I’m a big fan of safety. And gardening, and Six-on-Saturday and coming up with quirky posts. Peculiar, says my wife!


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  1. So you ride down the slope (at speed), hit the gate, which opens, and you carry on cycling? 🙂 Or you hit the gate which remains closed and pitch over the top of it? 🙁
    SoS – is it a treasure hunt?

      1. Pádraig

        Sorted now, Eileen. Thanks for heads up.

    1. Pádraig

      Speed was my middle name until middle age appeared on horizon! In this case, I’d have pitched right over.

      SOS… Treasure hunt? Good idea!

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