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In The Garden – August Week 1.

I know it doesn’t make sense. Of course it doesn’t! But it’s happining nevertheless.

I’m bringing a further (regular?) feature to my garden blog. Inspired by Paddy, An Irish Gardener, I’ll be attempting to record some of the goings-on over the past week. Very likely, my summary may vary from brief to boringly long depending on factors such as cycling, other commitments and seasonality.

I’ve mentioned several times that I write to record my gardening efforts so that I’ll be able to look back whenever I want. I do like looking back with just one proviso… I want to stay busy now and into the future in order to have something satisfactory to look back on.

Will I be able to find the time to write regularly? The answer is… I’ll make time! Let’s see how things worked out last week…

August 2021 Week 1

It was a wek of very mixed weather, but there was time enough to keep myself busy.

I made light work of emptying the compost heap. The soil is magnificent and I spread it mostly on the empty sections of the vegetable beds. I did store lots of it in black bins in the shed for potting purposes later in Autumn.

The second compost heap is almost filled, but I added a further three feet in height by doing a small bit of carpentry. I’d imagine this will be sufficient for the Autumn garden waste. I’ll have a think about putting a decent cover on it shortly.

On Thursday, I started clearing out sections of the vegetable beds. The Cold Frame was resurrected from its summer out-of-sight corner, and behind it I made a start on preparing space for lettuce, spinach and Spring Onions just to the left of the Blue Doodle. This small space will be enough to get sowing now.

I’ll be tackling the Blue Doodle section very soon. It has my Autumn 2020 cuttings and some plants grown from seed last spring. I’ll be doing a tidy-up but that’s an update for another time.

Again, I’ve sown more lettuce, scallions and spinach in modules in glasshouse. Likely, I’ve sown much too much.


During heavy rain, I made a start on putting on paper my vegetable garden plans for next year and I finished the job later one evening by getting it all online using my GrowVeg subscription.

It may change somewhat, but a plan is an important start. For example, because Spring Onions need to be sown between now and October, I know exactly where to put them.

Other gardening bits this week included:

  • Dead-heading.
  • Ruthless discarding of weak or unloved Begonias. I’ve too many and I mostly don’t like the red single trailing ones.
  • Big shed clean-up. This will take several attempts.
  • Coffee & relaxation time every day. It’s hard to stop wanting to be constantly doing, but regular time-outs are exciting!

What’s Looking Good

  • Big Dahlias.
  • Gaura.
  • Begonias that aren’t red.
  • Fuchsias.

Until next week,


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  1. It rained, we’re waiting for the grocery delivery to arrive, I’m recovering from a hospital appointment this morning, so I’m catching up on the various blogs posted in the last week!

    1. Morning was pleasant but blustery here. As of now, its indoor time.
      Catching up on blogs is a challenge, like trying to keep the tide from coming in!

      1. I think we’ll head out to Mount Congreve for the afternoon. I think it is shaping up to that or taking ivy off the house wall. After almost 30 years growing there, it would be a tough enough job. I like it but…

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