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Here Come The Storms

It’s wonderful! The super-efficiency of the national weather-forecasting service is commendable. MetEireann, in collaboration with UK and Dutch counterparts, have wasted no time in releasing the 2021-2022 Storm Names.

For very obvious reasons they waited until today. Less obvious was the release of this information on the day after the close of Premier League transfer window. To be sure, all windows should be closed in such storms.

A little phonetic assistance.

Arwen will be first to arrive. What a lovely name! Irish names this year include Barra, Méabh, Pól and Seán. Being loaded towards the back end of the alphabet, it’s very unlikely that we’ll get to the last two fellas, but our Méabh could be brutal. I should really check to see if I was stormed since 2014? That’s when it started.

Did you know?

  • Each storm alternates gender.
  • The letters Q, U, X, Y and Z are not used.
  • This year, the first storm is female. For obvious reasons, it alternates each year.
  • Names are selected by the public. It could be you.
  • Storm year runs from today until end of August 2022.
  • Get more details by googling Irish, UK or Dutch met services


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  1. Lindylou

    Hallo Padraig, for me it would be useful if you would write the phonetic spelling of those Gaelic names. Beautiful photo of the oncoming storm.

    1. Pádraig

      Hello, Lindylou. Yes, the phonetic spelling is included on the alphabetical picture. For sure, I’ll be needing it for the Dutch names.

      1. Pádraig

        Oh, I’m wrong… It isn’t included. Let me get a replacement image.

      2. Lindylou

        Dutch is mostly fairly easy for Western Europeans to pronounce I think, WYSIWYS what you see is what you say. No silent letters to flummox you. We say Cnee for knee it is spelt knie for instance.
        Willemien is simply Willemean and Tineke is pronounced teen as in teenager and then ecke
        Whereas our word teen means toe and you pronounce it tane. Double vowels change their sound in spelling. O becomes Oe when dubbeld, e becomes Ae. We have a town called Leek like the one in England but we call it Lake. Dus = thus and duur which means dear or expensive is pronounced duer. Other very important words to remember if visiting are slagroom and gebak.

        1. Pádraig

          These are very important yummy words.

  2. I entered my husband’s name – Myles – for a storm name, Maybe next year! I, of course am just a gentle breeze 🙂

    1. Pádraig

      As one does, of course. Other than your gentle breeze, my daughter assures me that she’ll be brutal. Also, please be patient as Myles cannot appear until year after next.

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