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Six-on-Saturday – Wedding Bells & AGM’s

Truthfully, the weather has been incredibly good. There hasn’t even been a whiff of very cold nights yet.

When I think about it, there are solid arguments to be made for and against. Some say it’s the bees knees, while others wouldn’t touch it with a forty foot pole… so allow me to clarify…

WordPress is a pain in the backside. There, I’ve said it. I’ve jumped off the fence and I know clearly which side I’m on. Clearly also, others won’t hear a word said against it.

There are several reasons behind my decision to move away from, but I’m still plodding away at the old reliable Six-on-Saturday that I’ve come to love. Many users will not even know (or care!) about the behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

Speaking of which, let’s get cracking…

One: Time Moves On

As we approach the beginning of winter, I’ve made a decent attempt to clear away lots of dying or dead plants. It’s not yet completed, but I’m well on the way.

The weather has been incredibly good. There hasn’t even been a whiff of very cold nights yet. In all my years, I’ve never seen Busy Lizzies so beautiful so late in the season.

Two: Introducing…

… the new hand trowel. Unfortunately, it’s just slightly on the heavy side, so I’m not sure will it be put to regular use. The make and model One4You TT-HT-J on the handle does nothing to inspire me. Nothing at all. On the plus side, it does have a bit on the handle where I could tie a piece of string. Perhaps a very long brightly-coloured string with a cat-bell attached? No, that’d be a step too far. In fact, I might even be slightly relieved to misplace this yoke.

Three: The old one…

Yes, it has been found! Eileen mentioned that it would turn up just as soon as a new one would be purchased. Full marks, Eileen! That’s exactly what happened. Hiding in the compost heap. Now, how on earth did it get in there?

Four: Moving Indoors

Geraniums and Begonias will be moved to the glasshouse over the coming weeks. In recent years, I’ve tried to hold off until the middle of October. Many are still doing well outside, but a few have been brought in. It’s been a great Begonia year, although the heatwave back in June added to the workload and the plant strees-levels. During August and September I got rid of under-performing ones.

This winter, I’ll be leaving them in their pots in the glasshouse. Fingers crossed that they will overwinter safely. I’m not going to go through the work involved last year.

Five: Acer Red Flamingo

The Acer Red Flamingo has been moved around the garden more times than I’d care to admit. Each time, following careful consideration, it has ended up back where it was. And so it has come to pass once again, and I’m happy. It can rest here. It may well be a final resting place.

Six: Left & Right

Straddling both raised beds to get a photograph from above is a tricky job! On the left, the winter greens are doing very well, while all my cuttings and potted plants on the right are filling the space too quickly. I had intended growing onions here over winter but the nursery bed is too important.

Sadly, I’ve run out of scallions, and the ones currently growing will not be ready until March or April. I can see myself falling away with the hunger! Next year, the plan will be to plant enough to fill six square feet from April, and then to keep replacing the used ones right up August.

In the meantime, I’ll try some in the glasshouse, but the flavour may not be the same.

We’ve got a family wedding today and it will be a wonderful distraction from all the technicalities of moving my blog away from WordPress to my self-hosted site. Best wishes to Claire and John. Long life & happiness to you both.

Last night, we attended the AGM of our cycling club. Mighty important decisions were made, and some Guinness was had. There may be another few later on. Shur, a bird never flew on one wing.

That’s it for this week, a cháirde. Get yourselves over to The Propagator. There, you can check out this week’s Six-on-Saturday article, and in the comments youll find links to many more weekly gardening stories.

Until next week, I hope that all will be well in your world. Slán go fóill.


15 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday – Wedding Bells & AGM’s”

  1. Nice to have shown the two hand trowels side by side. Mine looks more like the one on the left!
    Nice winter greens on the last pic. And as I can see, not too many slug holes … Here it’s a disaster … they are greedy

  2. Best wishes for the day that’s in it! And, when you recover, you must let me know about this self-hosted website that you are developing – though WordPress has served me well, I must say.

  3. Looking good so far on your new site, though am a fan of WordPress myself – so many themes! The veg side of the raised bed looks very productive, Russian kale in there and other goodies too I think?

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