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Ready For Winter

Bank Holiday Monday was mild and dry, so it seemed like a good time to finish the patio tidy-up. The remaining Begonias (bar one) were moved to the glasshouse and the entire patio assembly was prised apart, tidied up and reassembled at the far end of the patio. I’d been so used to having it in the centre, but a change is good. Suddenly, there’s more space and it seems there’s more light.

Yes, there’s one Begonia that’s still looking great. Begonia Illumination has pride of place here, and looks very likely to last right up to the first frost.

It’s just as well that I took advantage of the fine weather, because by Tuesday night and Wednesday it was raining sideways. I ran a mercy mission just in time to get the begonia to the glasshouse. It’s still good to leave outside for another short while, but I didn’t want the soil saturated at this time of the year. It was brought out again on Thursday afternoon.


The top shelf on both sides of the glasshouse is almost completely taken up with Begonias. In a month or so they will have died down and the soil will dry out, and then I’ll move them to the lower shelves.


Spinach and lettuce, sown about three weeks ago, will grow on happily inside. I’ll sow another batch very soon so that when the outside ones are finished, I’ll be able to extend the season a bit longer.

It has been a WONDERFUL gardening year! So many happy hours spent growing, and now it’s time to rest for winter.

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    1. Pádraig

      Not bad value for a tenner! Better still if I can manage to overwinter it safely.

  1. Paddy Tobin

    Good to see there has been a recovery and a reappearance! I feared that cold and the mid-week weather had knocked you down. Beautifully bright here this morning but the ground is absolutely sodden.

    1. Pádraig

      Midweek was awful. That ground will be a while before it comes right again!

  2. You’ve reminded me I need to dig out my parsley and red sorrel plants and put them in pots so I have a winter supply. I’ll dash out while the sun is out. That is a very nice looking begonia, too much hassle for me though – all that drying out, storing, re-planting.

    1. Pádraig

      Enjoy that sunshine while you can, a chara. Lovely here today, after horrific rain midweek.
      I’m experimenting this winter… Begonias will just stay in pots as they are through the winter. It may or may not work.

      1. We have a yellow weather warning from 4am tomorrow until 7am on Monday, and strengthening winds from tomorrow afternoon – from the West – so I guess it will reach you before us.

        1. Pádraig

          Well, I can confirm it was not a day for cycling!

  3. Sel Calderbank

    I don’t have your magic touch with begonias, mine gave just a couple of flowers and one plant none at all, I must be doing something wrong. Looks all spic and span on your patio.

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