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Six-on-Saturday – Missing In Action

There are plenty gaps appearing. This particular spot looked very bare so I bought these two small chrysanthemums.

It’s not unusual. The hand trowel is missing, but it usually turns up after a short while. I simply retrace my gardening steps and… voilà, there it is just where I left it. This time, it’s been missing for more than 72 hours. Marion reminds me regularly not to leave tools outside overnight. The thought of wanting to do the right thing but being unable to is devastating. The nights are cold, and the morning sun takes longer to get going. I do hope that my hand trowel will be found unharmed.

While searching in vain, I took a few photographs to reflect what’s happening this week. Here’s my selection…

A h-Aon:

There are plenty gaps appearing. This particular spot looked very bare so I bought these two small chrysanthemums. Likely they’ll flower away until the first frost, at which time I’ll cut them hard and plant them in the ground until it’s time for them to shine front-centre once again next year.

I should have bought a hand trowel while I was there.

I returned on Friday to buy two Skimmias for my sister. I’ll be planting them for her next week, but in the meantime, why not add them behind the chrysanthemums for contrast? I think they look good. The variety is called Temptation. Yes, wouldn’t you know? Hard to resist.

A Dó:

It’s beyond redemption! Growing strongly, but in all the wrong directions, I’m between two minds what to do. On the one hand, it’s too gorgeous to remove, yet it’s beginning to outgrow it’s space. There’s only one thing for it… Think long and hard. Yes, that’s the answer! I’ll do that.

By my reckoning Spring was about three weeks late this year. Now, it’s Autumn’s turn to be late for the party.

A Trí:

Some Begonias are more trouble than they’re worth. Some droop too much while others grow very spindly or flowers fall regularly. This one has no such problems. I’ll be keeping it! Others will be discarded. Definitely no hand trowel hidden here.

A Ceathar:

Yarrow is one of my favourite plants. Loved by insects, the fading flower-head is lasting a long time. It’s spreads quickly, and therefore I’ll likely cut out some of it to give away. I’ve got two other varieties to plant nearby. Not sure yet how or when to get it done, because I cannot find the you-know-what.

A Cúig:

Having mentioned bare spots earlier, this is an example of the opposite. I’ve had three pots of Nerines tucked away carefully among the rockery plants. They’ve been shaded from the sun during the warm weeks of summer and now there’s a bit of colour appearing. These are originally from mam’s garden.

A Sé:

Alyssum Gold Ball is a small perennial, and reliable too. It flowered in April and I gave it a hard cutting immediately afterwards. Now, it’s back for a second flush. Loved by slugs and snails, it seems to flourish despite being nibbled regularly.

That’s it for this week, a cháirde. Until next week, I hope that all will be well in your world. Slán go fóill.


8 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday – Missing In Action”

  1. The garden is looking fine! The Acer might be misbehaving, but it looks excellent and has a lovely shape.

    On the subject of hand trowels – I’ve lost count of the number that I’ve bought. Generally speaking I’m pretty good at keeping hold of my tools, but trowels seem to disappear at will. Pesky things!

  2. I’ve talked about it before but this acer is very pretty even if it doesn’t take the right direction you wanted. The size of your garden is a bit small to take advantage of the growth of this shrub / tree … Enjoy it with the autumn colours that should not be long. Don’t hesitate to prune it a bit in winter. Small branches to shorten by 1/3, big branches( badly oriented ) to cut with healing mastic!

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